Watch Live: Bangor City Council Meeting 2/26/18

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January 26, 2017 – 7:00 PM
City Hall
257 W. Monroe St.
Bangor, Michigan 49013

1.​Call to Order
​2.​Pledge of Allegiance
​3.​Roll Call
4. Approval of Agenda​
5. Approval of City Council Minutes (Regular Meeting held on 2/5/18)​
6. Approval of Accounts Payable and Payroll (Reviewed by Council members Farmer & Aleman)​

7. Other Regular Business (Resolutions, Proclamations, Reports and Presentations)
a. BPS Report
b. Dan Hutchins-New Library Director for Van Buren District Library
c. Department of Public Works Report
d. Bangor Police Department Report
e. Fire Department Report- Chief Derek Babcock with Annual Report
​ f. DDA Report
g. Parks & Recreation Report
h. Manager’s Report
i. DPW Liaison Report
8.​Opportunity for Public Comment (Please keep comments to within 3 minutes)
9. Public Hearing-5 Year Parks & Recreation Plan
10. Regular Session
11. Unfinished Business
a. DPW Trucks-Sealed Bids
b. Server Replacement Update
​12.​New Business
a. P&R 5 Year Plan Adoption Resolution #2018-04
b. 2nd Quarter Budget Amendments
c. Resolution to Waive PTA Fine #2018-05
d. Passport Grant Proposal
​13.​Opportunity for Public Comment (Please keep comments to within 3 minutes)
14. Board/Commission Appointments and Correspondence
a. Pride Care January Times
b. Regional Airport
14. Council member Comments
15. Adjournment

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